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Episode 1 - Secretly struggling with an eating disorder

Hi there!

It's Fien, the host of the One Size Happy Show. Our goals is to make every'body' happy with their body. So we're talking about eating disorders, our relationships to food, body-image, self-esteem,…
Let's keep it real & positive.
I thought, why not start with my own story. I've made a selection for you, with the key things I discuss in this video. Enjoy!

[01:36] Wie is Fien?
[03:48] Misconception 1: you don't need a big traumatic experience to develop an eating disorder
[06:05] Misconception 2: Most eating disorders are not 'visible' by the looks of someone
[08:48] How did recovery happen? Key moment 1 - the fear of dying
[14:39] How my anorexia 'grew' into boulemia and binging
[16:51] Why binging/boulemia felt worse than anorexia
[20:55] Recovery - Key moment 2 - the fear of loneliness
[24:26] How meeting my (future) husband was the final push I needed to recover
[28:24] From wanting to be skinny towards wanting to be strong
[30:26] Recovery is not a straighforward line
[30:59] Why I've joined ANBN as a volunteer
[31:37] Can you completely recover from an eating disorder? My take on it
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  • Great freaking podcast! Can’t wait till there are more up!

    Vinny Bear

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