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Episode 5 - Unicorns, binge eating and a gastric bypass

In this episode, my guest is Fenna, a dear friend of mine. She's a very funny, creative, open-minded person who's always trying to help. The reason I wanted Fenna on the show is because she had her struggles with weight, body image, binge eating and a couple of years ago, she's had a gastric bypass.
We've been preparing this interview and we've talked for a few hours. So I know today's talk is going to be good and packed with insights!
[01:22] Who is Fenna?  
[03:49] The 'cause' of Fenna's eating disorder
[08:53] How does Fenna deal with the (male) attention she gets lately
[16:10] How Fenna feels when people compliment her with her weight loss
[22:13] Why control is 'the issue' in almost all eating disorders

[24:25] Planned and unplanned binge moments

[29:18] The outside world only saw the healthy-eating or dieting Fenna

[32:38] The pizza boy story

[36:50] Talking about binging and the gastric bypass with friends or family

[41:00] When do you decide talking about the bypass and when you choose not to talk about it

[46:31] Letting go of an eating disorder, is letting in the feelings

[52:16] The gastric bypass community


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