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Episode 4 - Habits for a positive body image

Our guest today is Eloise, a friend of mine. She's had her struggles with her body image, and decided to not only work on it... but also help others creating a healthier life and body image.
We talk about a lot of different things, so feel free to jump right into the topics you like:
[01:17] Who is Eloise?
[04:35] How social media is fake, and can have a negative impact on your body image
[08:06] Why Eloise thinks social media is too focused on comparing ourselves
[10:48] Eloise's story about eating disorders and bad relationships
[15:54] How eating unhealthy has a huge impact on Eloise's mental health
[17:00] How a positive environment can change your mental/physical health
[19:52] How journaling can help with negative thoughts about yourself and your body
[22:06] Eloise's habits to feel better about yourself, especially during lockdown
[23:56] Clean eating. What does it mean for Eloise
[30:10] The books Eloise is reading that should be on your list
[31:40] Misconceptions: fitness models don't look like that 24/7
[35:25] The first step to take when you're struggling with your body image, according to Eloise
[36:48] What Eloise would tell to her 5-year old self
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