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Episode 3 - How to deal with lockdown when you have an eating disorder

Corona and eating disorders. These 2 do NOT go well together. Let's discuss the possible triggers, and share some personal tips. 
I've highlighted the most important parts below: 

[01:28] Why this corona/lockdown time is extra difficult for people with an eating disorder.

[04:08] Vinny's idea on why social media can be helpful during these extra difficult lockdown times. 

[05:48] Get yourself a trusted go-to person. Let me explain.

[10:12] How music can help you get through this.

[10:55] Why the government is putting too much focus on physical health & exercising.
[14:52] Go on a social media diet, if necessary.
[19:11] Especially now, it feels like food is the only thing we can control now. Create more structure for yourself.
[25:50] Why Corona can be an eye-opener for your health. 

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