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Episode 2 - Men struggle with eating disorders too

Eating disorders among men is on the rise. How does it feel for a guy to deal with an eating disorder. And why do men don't talk about this struggle?

Let's hear it from Vincent De Buysscher. The husband. The legend. The (eating disorder) warrior.
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[01:32] Who's Vinny? What is his story?
[02:57] The story behind his eating disorder, and the stages he went through.
[05:00] Is it wrong to compliment someone with their weight loss?
[06:52] How Vinny's childhood affected his eating disorders and body image.
[09:29] How a parent's eating habits and ody-image affect their child.
[11:45] This 1 moment was THE eye-opener for Vinny.
[16:31] Why he didn't want to visit a therapist. 
[19:41] Learning how to deal with triggers moments and foods.
[23:28] Why guys don't talk about eating disorders.
[26:55] His take on the fitness industry and the effect on our body image.
[32:07] The easiest way to talk to someone who's struggling.
[33:24] The 2 biggest misconceptions about eating disorders according to Vinny.
[34:51] Struggling with an eating disorder right now? Just take this one step.
[38:31] This is what Vinny would say to his 5-year old self.
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