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Podcast One Size Happy

Episode 6 - Food as a coping mechanism & healthy alternatives

food coping mechanism anorexia binging binge eating fien reunes podcast blog one size happy onesizehappy
Are you abusing food to forget bad things or escape reality for a while? Let's talk about coping mechanisms and healthy alternatives! Listen to the podcast here.

Episode 5 - Unicorns, binge eating and a gastric bypass

podcast one size happy eating disorders binging binge eating gastric bypass
This episode is a colourful one! Fenna is a close friend of mine. She struggled with binge eating, and had a gastric bypass. Prepare for an episode packed with insights.

Episode 4 - Habits for a positive body image

one size happy fien reunes eloise body image podcast blog eating disorders eetstoornissen
Want to learn to love your body and yourself? Then these habits from Eloise will help. Listen to the podcast here!

Episode 3 - How to deal with lockdown when you have an eating disorder

episode 3 podcast one size happy eating disorder corona covid19 lockdown fien reunes vincent de buysscher
Corona and eating disorders. These 2 do NOT go well together. Let's discuss the possible triggers, and share some personal tips. 

Episode 2 - Men struggle with eating disorders too

one size happy podcast blog eating disorders body image fien reunes vincent de buysscher bear eats tiger
Eating disorders on men are on the rise. Men struggle with their body image more than we think. Let's hear it from Vinny.

Episode 1 - Secretly struggling with an eating disorder

secretly struggling with an eating disorder blog podcast youtube fien reunes one size happy
Hi there! It's Fien, the host of the One Size Happy Podcast. I thought, why not start with my own story. My 10 year struggle with eating disorders, told in 35 minutes.