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How to stop screwing yourself over

I must admit, I just L.O.V.E. watching TEDx Talks on YouTube. If there's one thing I want to advice you, is just type in the word 'motivation'. You'll find so many inspiring video's to watch, that it would keep you busy for weeks!

There's one video I want you to watch. It's a TEDx Talk from Mel Robbins, a powerful self-taught woman who has been in a dark place, and worked herself out of it. In this video she talks about what you need to do to get anything you want in life. 

Watching the video will 'cost' about 20 minutes of your time, but I guarantee it will be worth it. Click the link below and enjoy!

Mel Robbins - How to stop screwing yourself over

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  • Great read and thank you for sharing the tedx talk!

    Vinny Bear

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